The Last Stage of Pregnancy?

So as I hit the final stretch of this pregnancy I have come across another emotion PARANOIA!  I don't know if this happens to everyone or if I am just an exception but I am so paranoid lately.  Being as this is my first time I'm sure the paranoia hits more and maybe the fact that I am a control freak and this is pretty much all out of my control at this point, but I may have also just lost my mind....

Top Paranoia Thoughts:
  1. We didn't have a baby shower before so we aren't prepared. (Silly I know!)
  2. Is that amniotic fluid or did I just pee my pants again?  (This baby has a nice trampoline in there so that is most likely the answer!)
  3. I will never have enough cloth diapers.  (In all reality I can just wash them and then I will have more, or if it is an emergency I can splurge for disposables....maybe!)
  4. Was that a contraction or just gas!?  (My husband confirmed I was just super gassy last night...)
  5. If I forgot to take my prenatal pill every day will my baby turn out deformed??  (ummmm)
  6. Someone told me to get some depends for all the bleeding afterwards!  (ummmmm!)
  7. I don't have any nursing bras I need em?
  8. Baby isn't as active as it used to be, is everything ok?? (Probably, there's just not much room in there anymore....right?!)
  9. What if I can't 'produce' enough milk?  I will only formula feed as an absolute last resort.
  10. Will I be a good mother?!?? (I asked my husband this question and after many moments of silence he said yes....maybe not the most reassuring answer!)
I know a lot of these are so silly and people have said that it all works itself out after baby gets here but I can't help to feel all these crazy things!!  I freaked out cause I didn't have one pair of baby socks and thought that might be the end of the world so I went and bought now in the 80-90 degree weather when my baby is born, they will at least have warm feet LOL

Please tell me I am just being a paranoid first mom!!?



  1. 1. Babies don't really need all that much.
    2. You'll know when it's your water.
    3. How many do you have? I think I had 2 doz.
    4. Could be either, neither is much to worry about at this point :)
    5. LOL! No.
    6. LOL! No.
    7. You will want at least one. For the first week, a simple shelf-bra tank or anything you can pop a boob out of that will also hold a nursing pad/cabbage leaf/nipple shield will do.
    8. Yes, that's perfectly normal.
    9. Nurse on demand, solves that problem :)
    10. You will.

    (Did that help? *hugs*!)

  2. Are you the sally stitches from BOTDF?? If so, I love yew and ur pretty... my bf thinks ur hawt lol