The Interchangeable Flower Collection

So I finally was able to get my interchangeable flower crochet hats up and posted on my Etsy page.

These are hats that range in sizes 0-3 months all the way to child (3-10 years) all have a button that is attached securely to the crocheted hat and then you choose which flowers you would like to get for your hat.  I have two different sets you can choose from, the Basic Set which includes 1 hat and 2 flowers of your choice and the Ultimate Set which includes 1 hat and 7 flowers of your choice! 

The sizes are approximate and you should measure your child's head:
  • 0-3 months -- 13" cir.  6" height
  • 3-6 months -- 15" cir.  7" height
  • 6-12 months -- 16" cir.  7" height
  • 1-3 years (toddler) -- 17" cir.  7" height
  • 3-10 years (child) -- 19" cir.  8" height
Circumference is unstretched, they will stretch another inch or so. 

So on to pictures and listings!!!
All the hats in each size, going from smallest (top) to largest (bottom).  Remember the computer may distort colors slightly.  From top to bottom the colors are: light green, brown, ivory, black, and violet.  The hats can be made in any of these colors OR any of the flower colors!
Here are the current flower choices as well!  I will be constantly updating these as I am always picking up new yarn.

Here is the 0-3 month hat open just to show how the flower lays.

All hats and flowers are made from soft cotton and are made to order so you can customize them any way you want to!!  If you are a fellow blogger and you would like to have one as a giveaway contest or review please contact me by clicking the 'Contact Me' button on the top of my blog and I would be happy to work out the details with you!

Now on to the listings on Etsy!
Basic Set - 1 hat/2 flowers ($15.00 + shipping)
Ultimate Set - 1 hat/7 flowers ($20.00 + shipping)
Thank you for looking and let me know if you have any questions!!!


4th of July SALE!

The 4th is only a week away so I have marked down all my patriotic hair accessories so that they can be bought and sent out before the holiday gets here!!  Check em out and let me know if you have any questions or comments!  Thanks! (Click on the title or photo to go straight to the Etsy page)

Growing a baby...

So this is my first time around growing a human being and it sure has been a journey!  I thought I knew how it would be and everyday was a surprise!  I wish I would've been blogging throughout the entire thing but oh well, next time!

So today I am about 36 weeks and I have definitely hit the wall and I am ready for this baby!  hahaha I don't plan on rushing it at all of course  but if baby decided it was ready I wouldn't object!

I have grown a massive amount and baby has dropped even within a month:

A quick background with this pregnancy.  Hubby and I had been married for 2 years (together for 7) when we decided we wanted to try for a baby.  Our first year of marriage consisted of chemo and radiation appointments for my husband who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system).  So he had been in remission for a year and we were given not a very good chance of getting pregnant.  I had been tracking my monthly cycle so I knew when would be the best time to try and we did.  And it worked, the first time!  We went on to buy a house and move in and then found out 3 days after we moved in that we were pregnant!  We were excited and shocked all at the same time!  Now that was almost 8 months ago!

I have had a very good pregnancy, better than I ever could have expected.  I was blessed with not having morning sickness, I would get nauseous if I didn't eat, but that was about it.  Then that burst of 2nd trimester energy hit me and it hit me big!  I felt fantastic, fell in love with my growing curves and was getting pretty excited.  Then the lovely 3rd trimester hit me and hit kind of hard.  I got extremely tired and sore very quickly, heartburn took over my days and nights, and the simple task of putting on pants became a chore! 

So now I'm in the home stretch!  I have been having Braxton Hicks like crazy and my doctor says I am progressing very well and fast.  Baby is head down and ready to go!!  So now I just wait until it is ready...

I thought I would compile a list of the 25 things I learned while being pregnant!  Enjoy and comment back if you agree with any of em!!
  1. If you don't find out the gender people will be either mad or supportive, silly really, we will all know eventually!
  2. People will try to talk you out of breastfeeding, cloth diapering and natural childbirth....don't listen to them!  Everyone is different and if it's something you wanna try, do it!!
  3. You will somehow know 500 other pregnant women all the sudden!  My Facebook is overflowing with mommies-to-be.
  4. Your husband will become amazing over the months of your pregnancy....well at least mine did.  :)
  5. Getting undressed and dressed now becomes a chore you hate.
  6. You haven't known heartburn until you have pregnancy heartburn.
  7. You will cry, a lot, and about stupid things.
  8. Give in to cravings.  No matter if it's ice cream at 8am or tacos at midnight.  Do it!
  9. People will say stupid things to you....take em with a grain of salt.
  10. Take photos of your growing belly.  I look back at the beginning when I thought I was HUGE and giggle to myself because I know I am huge now! LOL
  11. If people offer to do things for you let them, but be grateful.
  12. Peeing sucks....I've never hated it more!
  13. Do your kegals :)
  14. Don't be afraid to utilize massage therapy, chiropractors, acupuncture and physical therapy for pain or will make a world of difference.
  15. Keep a journal or blog about your whole pregnancy...I wish I would have.
  16. Your boobs and nipples will change their appearance more than you will know! hahaha
  17. Make sure you keep your boundaries with friends and family, if people are intruding too much just tell them.  You will feel so much better if you do.
  18. Your pets will know, our chihuahuas have been soooo clingy for the last couple weeks.
  19. I enjoy having my belly rubbed and poked at....some women don't, just make sure you respect an expecting mama's wishes before invading her personal space.
  20. Love and feel comfortable with your doctor.  If you don't feel comfortable before labor and delivery you won't during.  My doctor is absolutely AMAZING!!
  21. If you have a fairly easy pregnancy don't let others make you feel bad about it or don't beat yourself up for it.  Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different.
  22. Make sure your employer respects and listens to your needs during your pregnancy, if they don't you need to do whatever it takes to make sure you and your baby stay healthy.
  23. Even if you feel like vegging on the couch all day and all night, go to lunch or coffee with a friend.  It will boost your energy and spirits.
  24. Even if you aren't feeling particularly sexy or beautiful your more beautiful than you know.  Embrace it!
  25. You (I) can grow a human being.  We are strong as women and nothing is impossible.  Believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything!!
Yay for babies and pregnant women everywhere!!


Freezer Cooking - Day 1

So I decided to make some meals for the freezer for the last few weeks before this baby comes and for after the baby so that I don't have to worry about cooking and we don't have to go out to eat.  I did this by myself at 8 months pregnant!  Hmm nesting at it's best!  I didn't quite finish but here is my journey.  This is my first real time doing a big batch of cooking.  I got my entire recipe list from this AMAZING blog: Once A Month Mom and I used this menu changing it up just very slightly.

My Menu:
  • My own sloppy joes
So it was 9:00am and I was ready to start they day.  I wore comfy clothes and crocs for my poor feet.  Here's me and 'baby' ready to take on the day!
So I had to start out by putting the chicken for the Garlic Chicken Farfalle and the ingredients for the Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches into crockpots to start cooking.

Then I went on to make the Raspberry Breakfast Cake with fresh raspberries, yummmm!
Before and after baking
Then I blended up the Breakfast Popsicles which are just strawberries, bananas, yogurt, milk and vanilla!  I ended up having to use 2 popsicle molds!  I'm so excited to try these, they looked amazing!

Then tragedy struck!  One tip...don't put cooling racks with hot raspberry breakfast cake near edges of the counter :( This happens...

SAD!  I do thankfully have enough ingredients for another one so I will be making another one as it smelled and looked wonderful.  I almost cried as my hubby so helpfully cleaned it up off the floor for me.
Then I went on to make the Bacon Hashbrown Wraps.  I made them on my electric skillet thinking it would be easier and it was but you just get kind of an egg mess if you don't watch it.  I know this picture looks less than appitizing but it did have eggs, hashbrowns and bacon and then was wrapped in tortillas.  I did forget the cheese :( Always read your recipes again before wrapping up and sticking in the freezer!
Then I made the Sneaky Stuffed Potatoes.  What makes them sneaky is you steam and mash cauliflower in with the potato mixture.  Ok so I had the tiniest russet potatoes ever known to man to work with and I don't recommend that for anyone!!  I did bake and scoop them the night before to save on time (which I highly recommend as these were still time consuming) but it's terribly difficult and messy with tiny potatoes!  Here they all are already wrapped and bagged ready for the freezer.  The only saran wrap I have is from Christmas so it's red! LOL

Then there was a quick assemble for the Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken.  You just throw everything in the pans, cover and freeze!  Super easy and looked yummy.  Chicken, teriyaki, ranch, cheese and bacon!
I did make the Smoked Sausage Mac & Cheese and it was super easy and I'm super excited to eat it.  I apparently was so excited I forgot to take a picture LOL
Then I made up the filling for the chicken burritos; chicken, beans, and taco seasoning, then topped with cheese and rolled in tortillas.  I love all these individual burritos.  For both these and the breakfast burritos I first wrapped each one in wax paper and then foil, then they were put in ziploc freezer bags and labeled.  I love em cause you just take out one, unwrap it, pop it in the microwave and done!  Here's the filling!
Then I shredded the chicken for the Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches and mixed it back in with everything it had been cooking with for the last 4 hours!  I tasted a bite and it was AMAZING!  I can't wait to eat these either!
At this point it was about 3:00pm and even though I had taken my time with everything and took a lot of breaks I was losing a lot of steam!  My feet and back were killing me and I was getting grumpy.  I thought ok I will just make one more quick one and then finish tomorrow.  So I made up a couple Pita Pizzas.  You just layer your ingredients and then flash freeze (put on a cookie sheet and freeze for about 15-20 mins and then you take out and individually wrap, store, and put in labeled freezer bags.  I only had enough cheese to make 4 but I plan on making more when I get more cheese!  The one in pink/red is wrapped in saran wrap already.
So at this point I called it quits at about 3:30/4:00 and decided to go out to eat with hubby.  Then we got home and I tackled the dishes that were left (I did have a sink full of water and did dishes throughout the day to reuse some and cut down on the end of the day clean up) I was so sore and tired though that it did take me a while to clean up.  But now it's ready for tomorrow and I just have a few more recipes to do. 
  • Garlic Chicken Farfalle
  • Sloppy Joes
  • Ranch Burgers
  • Green Chile Burgers
  • Raspberry Breakfast Cake (take 2)
All in all I feel super accomplished and pooped!  Here's my swollen feet and ankles to prove it!

Come back tomorrow to see how day 2 went and to check out some of my tips to a day of freezer cooking!!!


My Mama Cloth Experience (Dibs!: Pink Lemonade Giveaway)

Almost a year ago I was given some cloth menstrual pads as a birthday gift from a good friend (the mama behind Dibs!)  I was so excited!  I had been wanting to try them out but had no idea what to get or where to get them.  She found some fun prints with skulls and flowers that I was in love with.  I actually couldn't wait for "that time of the month" just so I could try them out.  She told me how to wash and dry them to make them last longer. 

 So there I was waiting for my 'friend' to arrive and all I had was 3 cloth pads.  Like it usually does, it showed up the day before I left for a week long vacation!!!!  I was going to my brother's wedding out of town, staying in my parent's motorhome, then staying at my brother's house in another town, then staying in a hotel in yet another town while going to a concert!!  I was bound and determined to make this work!  I am also blessed with a not so heavy flow so I knew I could do it. 

What I noticed when I first used them was how soft they were.  Most are made with flannel, fleece and an assortment of soft fabrics....much better than crunchy disposible pads or uncomfortable tampons.  I was driving to my destination when I decided I probably needed to change it.  So in very classy fashion I stopped at a rest area, changed my pad, hand washed my dirty one in the sink and then let it dry on the dashboard of my vehicle in the sun!!  LOL It worked though!  I then proceeded to hand wash my pads all weekend as I stayed in the camper and let them dry in front of a fan.  I was just with my parents and they already think I'm crazy so it was nothing too outrageous. 

I actually found my period stopped sooner than lasted probably about 3 maybe 4 days.  So by the time I was at my brother's house and the hotel I didn't have to worry about it anymore!!  It was crazy and I was hooked!

I scoured Etsy for cloth menstrual pads.  The results were overwhelming!!  There are a ton of different sizes, shapes, styles, and patterns.  The best advice I can tell you is order one or two from a few different shops and you will soon figure out what you like. 

The next month I was actually out of town AGAIN!  And I had a bigger stash built up so I took all that I had with me and I hand washed them again in the hotel room.  I was there alone so I was able to just let them sit out and air dry without worrying about anyone seeing em.  Then the following month I was at home and had my first chance to wash them at home.  Then 2 weeks later I got pregnant! LOL So I have actually only used them for my time of the month about 3 times BUT I have used them throughout my pregnancy occassionally.  If you have ever been pregnant you know there are just some times when you need a pad, even if it's just a liner! 

So here are some pics of my stash!
These are wet bags.  These work for stashing used pads that you can't throw in the wash right away.  I usually will rinse my pads first and then fold them inwards (described below) and then toss them in a wet bag which is lined with PUL (a waterproof fabric).  Then when I am ready to launder them I throw them in the wash, opened up, in a lingerie bag usually with my regular laundry.  Now that this baby is on the way I will probably wash them with my cloth diaper laundry.  Then I do set them out or hang them to dry.  I have never put my pads in the dryer.  Sometimes the dryer can make the waterproof layers get distorted or make the fabrics pill up more.  I just feel better air drying them.  And I have heard if you have a few stains you can lay them in the sun to naturally bleach them.  The top 2 wet bags I will use for cloth diapers and they are from Monkey Foot Designs these wet bags are amazing!!  I have used them for swimsuits, toilitries when traveling and cloth pads.  The uses are endless!!  And then the small wet bag has a divider, one side for clean pads and one side for dirty ones.  This is great for on the go!  And it's descreet.  It is from Vulva Love Lovely

Here is my stash all folded up and in the basket I keep under my bathroom sink.  Look how pretty!

Here are a variety of sizes and shapes.  The largest is a post partum pad.  I am trying to build up a stash of those before this baby pops!  I refuse to wear huge, crunchy diaper like pads!  Then they go all the way down to liner size.  I can usually get by with smaller sizes and absorbancies since I don't have a big flow but they make em in every size and thickness possible!!  These are from the shops: Punkys Pads (my fav shop!) and Popples.

You can fold them up so they fit right in your purse or bag.  You just fold in one end, and then the other.  Then if you have ones with wings (which all mine are) they have snaps that you just fold over and snap.   

Then when they are dirty I just fold them the other way (you put the design side against your body) so then the outside part that is clean is on the outside and the dirtiness is contained.  I also store them inside out like that after I hand rinse them and throw them in my wet bag.

Here is my stash all opened and laying out.  Most of these have been used and as you can see there is very very minimal staining and discoloration.  If you take care of them they will take care of you! 

Since I have used them I have noticed that:
  • My period's are shorter and lighter
  • I don't cramp nearly as much as before
  • I feel excited to get my period so I can use my pretty pads
  • I just feel better plus I am saving a ton of money every month and possibly the environment
So now I wanted to share a giveaway on my friend's blog.  She swears by these pads and I am dying to get my hands on some!!  So go check out the giveaway, she has the easiest entries for her giveaways ever!!

Dibs!: Pink Lemonade Giveaway: "Pink Lemonade Shop is dedicated to providing women an eco-friendly, reusable Cloth Pad that is both functional and beautiful. I offer a w..."

If you use cloth pads or are interested in it shoot me a line.  If you are a momma who makes pads and you would like me to review some let me know, this baby comes out in about a month so I will need to upgrade my stash! :)



Projects Galore!

Wowza I have a lot on my plate (needles?!) lately!!  Here is just a mishmash of projects done and need to get done both personal and for my Etsy shop.

Cuppy Cakes!
So who doesn't love cupcakes right?!  I have made a few plush cupcakes that double as a pincushion.  I have a couple listed in my Etsy shop but I welcome all custom orders for whatever colors you want.  I love these and would have them everywhere if they didn't sell so fast!  Here's just a couple of my finished ones:

The first and second are both chocolate cake with pink and blue frosting!!  The third was a custom order and it is a red velvet cake and blue frosting.  They are the same size I had just taken the pink cupcake picture at a different angle so it looks smaller.  Then you get a random assortment of stick pins that double as sprinkles!!  I have tons of colors for these and I am working on getting more colors finished so people can see what they look like but if there is a certain color combo you want just email me (

Then I had made this cupcake hair clip as a custom order for a friend but haven't listed it at all yet.  But I will take a custom order for it if you wanted one!
 (sorry for the cell phone picture!)

Grandma-ish Things
So it's no secret that I love doilies.  When I started knitting and crocheting I always vowed that I would NEVER make a doily.  Then I made one and became hooked!
Here was my first doily:
And since I have made this one:

And then there's this one....surprisingly it's NOT finished!  It is made using sewing thread actually which makes it extremely fiddly and difficult.  There isn't a lot left but I just don't have it in me to pick it up right now.
All of these are not for sale and for my own personal use.  But then I thought, would people actually buy doilies??  I can't bring myself to actually make a white doily (except I MAY make one and then hand dye it one of these days!) so I made one up yesterday in a beautiful teal/turqoise color...
Here is a sneak peek, it is still blocking but should be dry by tomorrow or Wednesday and then I will list it in my shop.

So my first child is due in 5 weeks and I started a baby blanket for them (we don't know the gender) and I really really need to get working on it asap so it is finished before baby!!  I am knitting squares and then stitching them together. So far I have 10 out of 25 squares done and stitched together.  My goal is to knit and attach 5 more squares before the month is over!!!  Eeek!  Here's what the squares look like:
So it will be super bright and fun and I'm excited to finish it!

I have a handful of custom orders that I NEED to also finish by the end of the month so I'm going to be crafting my little heart out!  I do want to get some red, white and blue flowers/bows/headbands done tonight so I can list them tomorrow so people can hopefully get them before the 4th!  So look tomorrow if you are interested in some fun, festive hair things!!

Then starting in July hopefully I plan on having a new bow collection, a Button Bow collection, I will be attaching fun, handmade buttons to hair bows!  I'm so excited to start these!!!

Whew! Well that is my recent crafting in a nutshell!!  Talk about nesting right?!??


Beatles Bows - Days 4 & 5

Ooops I didn't post yesterdays bow!  I was having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions so I wasn't feeling the greatest!  So today will be a double bow day!  Both bows are available in my Etsy shop for sale or you can email me at if you would like one!

Day 4 - Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds

This one just reminded me of the beautiful sky for some reason.  Oh how I love this song, I wanted to name our unborn child either Lucy or Jude but dear hubby nixed both ideas! hahaha  This bow will look especially nice in darker hair, it's just such a sweet soft colorway.

Day 5 - In My Life

This bow and song are very special to me.  I danced with my dad at our wedding to this song.  It makes me tear up every time I hear it.  The reason I chose it for this bow is I feel like the white part is the main area of your life and all the different speckled colors are the people that come in and out of your life, creating something beautiful.  It may sound kind of out there but it's just the first thing I thought of when I saw how this bow turned out.

Like I said both bows are listed in my Etsy shop and here are the direct links:

Thank you and look for tomorrows bow - Hey Jude


Beatles Bows - Day 3

I would say that I think today's bow is one of my favorites but I may end up saying that almost every day!!  Today's bow is Across the Universe

The colors of this one remind me of all the colors in the sky.  It is sewn and glued onto an alligator clip and is about 4" across.  I think these colors would look good in dark or light colored hair.  If there is a certain colored bow that you want don't hesitate to email me at and I'll make a custom order for you!!

I tried to find a video of the song Across the Universe from the movie Across the Universe but I had no luck!  If you haven't seen that movie and you are a Beatles fan or a musical fan you should!  It's one of my favorites and I don't know how many times I've seen it!!

Tomorrow's bow is:
Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds



Beatles Bows - Day 2

So today the bow is called "I Am the Walrus"

I love these colors so much!!!  I had to name it after the Coo-Coo-Ca-Choo walrus because it just reminds me of that time period.  If you have ever listened to that song it really makes no sense! LOL It is one of my favorite periods of the Beatles though for all their funky sounds and songs that really were crazy!

All of my hair bows are hand crocheted by yours truly, they have an alligator clip that is sewn AND glued to the bow, then a pretty grosgain ribbon is glued to part of the clip to help grip and keep it secure.  You can either go straight to my Etsy page to order one or email me at

Follow my Facebook page, Etsy page, Twitter, or blog to see what the new bow of the day is through the month of June!  Then starting in July I will have a different collection that I am super excited to present to the public!

Have an amazing day and the bow for tomorrow is based on "Across the Universe"!!

xoxo SS


Beatles Bows - Day 1

So I stumbled across the pattern for a crocheted bow and turned it into a hair clip.  Then I fell completely in love with it and made a bunch!!!!  So instead of listing them all at once I thought I would list one once a day for the rest of the month (making 16 bows total).  Some of the bows reminded me of Beatles songs (which I am a huge fan!) so I decided to name each bow after a different Beatles song!

Today marks day 1 and the bow is called "All You Need is Love"

I am so in love with how this one turned out!  They will all be one of a kind since the varigated/striped yarns will look slightly different for each bow.  They are $3.00 each.  You can check out my Etsy shop or send me a message at 

There will be a new bow every day for the rest of the month so either follow my Etsy page, Facebook page or blog!!

The song for tomorrow is "I Am the Walrus" so you can make a guess at what it will look like!!!