Beatles Bows - Day 1

So I stumbled across the pattern for a crocheted bow and turned it into a hair clip.  Then I fell completely in love with it and made a bunch!!!!  So instead of listing them all at once I thought I would list one once a day for the rest of the month (making 16 bows total).  Some of the bows reminded me of Beatles songs (which I am a huge fan!) so I decided to name each bow after a different Beatles song!

Today marks day 1 and the bow is called "All You Need is Love"

I am so in love with how this one turned out!  They will all be one of a kind since the varigated/striped yarns will look slightly different for each bow.  They are $3.00 each.  You can check out my Etsy shop or send me a message at 

There will be a new bow every day for the rest of the month so either follow my Etsy page, Facebook page or blog!!

The song for tomorrow is "I Am the Walrus" so you can make a guess at what it will look like!!!

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