Projects Galore!

Wowza I have a lot on my plate (needles?!) lately!!  Here is just a mishmash of projects done and need to get done both personal and for my Etsy shop.

Cuppy Cakes!
So who doesn't love cupcakes right?!  I have made a few plush cupcakes that double as a pincushion.  I have a couple listed in my Etsy shop but I welcome all custom orders for whatever colors you want.  I love these and would have them everywhere if they didn't sell so fast!  Here's just a couple of my finished ones:

The first and second are both chocolate cake with pink and blue frosting!!  The third was a custom order and it is a red velvet cake and blue frosting.  They are the same size I had just taken the pink cupcake picture at a different angle so it looks smaller.  Then you get a random assortment of stick pins that double as sprinkles!!  I have tons of colors for these and I am working on getting more colors finished so people can see what they look like but if there is a certain color combo you want just email me (

Then I had made this cupcake hair clip as a custom order for a friend but haven't listed it at all yet.  But I will take a custom order for it if you wanted one!
 (sorry for the cell phone picture!)

Grandma-ish Things
So it's no secret that I love doilies.  When I started knitting and crocheting I always vowed that I would NEVER make a doily.  Then I made one and became hooked!
Here was my first doily:
And since I have made this one:

And then there's this one....surprisingly it's NOT finished!  It is made using sewing thread actually which makes it extremely fiddly and difficult.  There isn't a lot left but I just don't have it in me to pick it up right now.
All of these are not for sale and for my own personal use.  But then I thought, would people actually buy doilies??  I can't bring myself to actually make a white doily (except I MAY make one and then hand dye it one of these days!) so I made one up yesterday in a beautiful teal/turqoise color...
Here is a sneak peek, it is still blocking but should be dry by tomorrow or Wednesday and then I will list it in my shop.

So my first child is due in 5 weeks and I started a baby blanket for them (we don't know the gender) and I really really need to get working on it asap so it is finished before baby!!  I am knitting squares and then stitching them together. So far I have 10 out of 25 squares done and stitched together.  My goal is to knit and attach 5 more squares before the month is over!!!  Eeek!  Here's what the squares look like:
So it will be super bright and fun and I'm excited to finish it!

I have a handful of custom orders that I NEED to also finish by the end of the month so I'm going to be crafting my little heart out!  I do want to get some red, white and blue flowers/bows/headbands done tonight so I can list them tomorrow so people can hopefully get them before the 4th!  So look tomorrow if you are interested in some fun, festive hair things!!

Then starting in July hopefully I plan on having a new bow collection, a Button Bow collection, I will be attaching fun, handmade buttons to hair bows!  I'm so excited to start these!!!

Whew! Well that is my recent crafting in a nutshell!!  Talk about nesting right?!??

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  1. 1st off Congrats on having a baby. It is awesome! With 5 weeks left I am sure you are counting down till the due date. I couldn't wait to meet my babies.
    2nd, I am so envious of your ability to knit. I took a class with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and realized it is not my thing. It hurts my hands ;(
    3rd, I am following you back from 3 princes and a princess 2. Come join my monday hop and link up your blog, facebook, and twitter as well. It is the Social Media Monday Hop:

    Love the blog. I will be back to read more as you enter motherhood. I can't wait to hear your perspective on life with a newborn!