I'm Back!

Well I've been absent from my blog for almost a year and a half!  Sorry bout that folks but I've been trying to get a few things together in my every day life BUT I'm back and my goal this year is to blog more frequently.  Since I have also taken a hiatus from selling my items on Etsy I'm planning on centering my blog posts around the following topics:
  • Motherhood (since I have a lot of mama friends and fans out there)
  • Being a wife (I have been actively working on my marriage over the last year to make it stronger)
  • Cooking/organizing/house things (pinterest, need I say more)
  • Crafts (because I'm still a crafter at heart)
  • Money/budgets/saving/etc (because we all hate this topic but it's a part of  everyone's life!)
So with that being said I hope you continue to follow my posts, if there is a topic you would love me to write about or review or anything please email me at also please share my blog with all your friends and family if you would like to. 

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