Menu Plan 2/17/13

I haven't been able to make a menu plan for quite a while since we separated and I'm mostly living at my parents house right now but we did one this paycheck because I've been spending more and more time here and it's just always a money saver for us to have meals ready.  And I miss cooking a lot!  So I made our plan for two weeks (I only picked 6 meals and a dessert since I won't be here every night and leftovers usually happen for us) made our shopping list and we went grocery shopping.  Always stressful.  But all in all we got quite a bit for a decent price.
How I go about picking recipes is I will look through the grocery ad (we like to shop mostly at one grocery store) and then scour Pinterest and past recipes we've used and try to pick stuff that is on sale or that we can use out of our pantry/freezer.  I then make a huge master list of all the ingredients needed for every recipe organized by category (meat, dairy, frozen, etc) THEN I go through our cupboards and freezer to mark off what we already have.  Finally I make our master grocery list with what we need along with other items we may get (snacks, breakfast foods, etc)
It makes me feel so much more organized when we get to the store.  I know what aisles I need to go down and know what I need to get and we rarely if ever get anything not on our list because we know the foods we're buying we can make meals out of.  It cuts down on stress sooooo much!
I don't necessarily plan meals for certain days as some days you just don't feel like what's on the menu but I do know I have ingredients in our house for at least 6 homemade meals and a dessert that will last us most of the week.  Which also cuts down on unnecessary grocery trips throughout the week which also can add up money wise.  So with that said here's my menu for the next couple weeks with links!
Follow my Menu Plan Monday list on Pinterest to see past recipes I've used as well!

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