T-shirt Scarf #1

So I've been wanting to try out one of the many Tshirt scarf tutorials I've found on Pinterest.  I found this one was the most simple and quickest. So I quickly grabbed a white shirt that had been sitting in a pile of clothes in my closet that will never get worn.
I followed the steps in the tutuorial by:
  • First cutting the shirt below the armpits (straight across)
  • Then cut the bottom hem off making a big tube
  • I cut approx. 1 inch strips across on the fold from one end to the other, stopping about 2 inches from the other folded end
  • You then pull the ends of each strip to stretch the fabric out
  • Gather it all together at the joined end and take a small piece of the cut off hem to tie around and secure it.
Super easy and quick!!  Here's my photos:
and I figured out I could wear it either long or short (wrap it twice)
I have some (handmade) flower pins that I might put on to accent whatever outfit I'm wearing that day.  I love it!  I want to try some of the other various Tshirt scarves I've found on Pinterest, thrift store here I come!!!

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