Valentine's Day Cupcakes

I feel like every post lately has started with the phrase "So on Pinterest..." Frankly I eat, sleep, breathe this silly website.  I have it on my phone and my kindle and lay in bed scouring new ideas and recipes.  It's terribly addicting and I'm not quite sure what I did with my life before it.  Now of course I will begin this post with:
So on Pinterest I saw this recipe for these super easy quick cupcakes for Valentine's day, so naturally I wanted to try it out.  I don't normally used boxed mix or premade frosting but I seriously procrastinated this year and decided to make cupcakes when I woke up on Valentine's day quick it is!
I wasn't too convinced with this recipe, lemon-lime soda mixed with boxed cake mix....yeah right there's no way that's gonna turn out!  Well it did.  It gave the cupcakes a more sticky feel but super moist and lemme tell ya the batter was delicious (and egg free!) I did use premade frosting as well and piped it with a ziploc bag to somewhat seem fancy.  They were a huge hit and got devoured at home and work. 
The only problem I had was these need to be treated very much like angel food cake in the oven.  I like to turn my pans halfway through baking/cooking times to evenly cook (our oven is old) and when I turned em I did bump them slightly and they all the sudden collapsed in the middle like an angel food cake would...they never recovered.  So that was good to know for the future.  I may used this recipe again and experiment with different flavors but probably only if I'm bored or in a bind.  I enjoy cupcakes from scratch wayyyy too much!

Here's some lovely pics!
Toddler approved! 


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