New Blogging Subjects!

So in an attempt to blog more often about the various things that interest me on a weekly basis I thought about possibly having a different idea for each day of the week to keep it a bit more organized!  I may not necessarily blog daily but more often!  If there is ever an idea you would like to see please let me know!  Here are the new ideas:

  • Social Media Sunday - I'll chit chat about new things I see or do on some different social media sites which may include: Instagram, Postcrossing, Facebook, and any of the other blogs I follow.
  • Menu Plan Monday - I try to menu plan weekly or bi-weekly so here I will post some of the recipes I will be using along with links to my favorite recipes.  This day is all about food!
  • Toddler Tuesday - This will be all about toddler activities, recipes and mannerisms.  We're approaching the terrible two's in our home so new things are discovered weekly LOL
  • What I'm Watching Wednesday - We don't have cable but we do watch Netflix, Hulu and DVD's often.  We have a DVD collection of 600+ movies and tv shows so I will use this day to discuss and review movies and tv shows I recently watched and loved (or hated!)
  • Pin-testing Thursday - I'm addicted to Pinterest and like to try a lot of the things I find on there whether they are crafts or recipes or home improvement things.  This will follow my successes and failures...
  • Fashion Friday - I work at an amazing clothing store and have always loved hair and makeup.  I will post photos of outfits from throughout the week along with new makeup and hair ideas!
  • Stitchin' Saturday - I will update on some of the new and old stitching projects I'm working on.  Including cross-stitching, sewing, knitting and crochet.
I'm very excited to start sharing with everyone the things that interest me the most and hope you follow on the day(s) you are most excited about!  Which sound most interesting to you??

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