Toddler Tuesday - Fingerpainting

So now that my little one is turning into a little man I love doing lots of new activities with him.  I'm pretty relaxed where I'm not too worried about a little mess or a lotta mess as long as he's having fun and maybe learning something. 
So we've tried painting before but it's mostly been just handprints for projects or feet prints for gifts.  I never let him just go wild with paint and he didn't seem all that interested.  But now with the weather finally getting nice we can go outside and make a mess.  Today was that perfect day.  He had a great nap and was in a good mood so we went outside with the paints, a throw away plate for the paints, his huge scribble pad and a few flower pots to paint for mother's day.  I had clothes on him that I could care less if they got dirty and really with the crayola fingerpaints it doesn't matter much as it is all washable.
At first he was a little apprehensive but I demonstrated a little and got myself pretty covered in paint as well.  We had a blast!!  I even lifted him up and dipped his feet and he walked all over stuff.  The driveway looks like a rainbow exploded and he successfully painted a huge picture and two flower pots.  Cleanup was a breeze as I just put him in the sink and washed him off. 
I loved it and he loved it.  I think we will do a lot more painting exercises.  I'm excited to introduce him to paint brushes too to help with his dexterity.  I love crafts so so much and I hope he embraces his creativity forever!!
Here is a few shots from the day!
Happy Painting!

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