Fashion Fridays - Suspenders!

So this is a day late but I figure that's ok! 

The other day as I was in Hot Topic they had their clearance Buy One Get One FREE!  PLUS I get my associate discount (from Torrid) there as well.  So I found some Jack Skellington ear buds and was looking for a second item.  These Hello Kitty suspenders really caught my eye.  I was unsure if I could successfully pull them off.  Tucking in my shirt, suspenders, hello was all a risk!

I am so so so glad I got them, I may go back for a couple more pairs as well.  I did rock them with my Hello Zombie shirt I recevied from my BFF (and I'm unsure where she got it from) and also with my ankle zip stilletto pants from Torrid.  Some black flats and a Hello Kitty nerd headband were my only other accessories as I wanted the suspenders to steal the show.  Feeling totally chubby and unsure having my shirt tucked in I strolled into work yesterday and everyone loved em!!  I got rave reviews on my Instagram and Facebook.  All in all I was really pleased. 

Be yourself.  That's my only tip from this fashion day.  I deal with this on a daily basis at work.  Helping women who are considered plus size try to step out of their box of wearing jeans that are too small or too baggy, all black and nothing form fitting.  Women need to embrace their curves.  Love yourself, even your flaws.  I am the worst, I critizie myself terribly.  But every now and then I find an outfit I feel fabulous in.  Every woman needs that feeling. 

So on that note I will share with you my suspender outfit and then today's outfit for work.  To see my daily outfits on Instagram be sure to follow me (sallystitches31) Instagram
Yesterday's outfit consists of:
HK shirt - ???
Stilletto jeans - Torrid
Suspenders - Hot Topic
Flats - Payless
Headband - Claire's

Today's outfit consists of:
Shrug - Maurices
Black tank - Old Navy
Blue cami - Torrid
Bow belt - Bettie Paige Store
Skirt - Torrid
Necklace - Torrid
Bracelet - Lia Sophia

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